Gift Voucher Info

Yes, we have resumed operations after COVID restrictions

Gift vouchers are available and can make a fantastic present that will always be remembered. You don’t need any flying experience to be a passenger in our gliders, but we also welcome experienced pilots (RAA, PPL, CPL etc) looking to try powerless flight. Usually you would be in the front seat of the glider to get the best view of the flight, with full controls in the back for the instructor. You are able to take both still and video cameras in the aircraft so you can share the experience.

Air experience flights are available for those who may be interested in taking up the sport of gliding. The flight time and price are the same as for the standard gift voucher, but if you’d like we can show you more about the aircrafts, the club and the sport. Please let us know if you are looking for more of an introduction to gliding, so we can arrange for someone to show you around.

Where and when

We generally fly from Ararat Airfield, which offers beautiful views of the Grampians to the west and the Pyrenees to the North and east. We can fly directly over the town of Ararat and surrounding area, so if you are looking to take an aerial photograph of your home or accommodation, let your pilot know before the launch. We have also flown from Port Fairy and Jaluka (near Halls Gap).

You do not need to book a flight at the time of purchasing a gift voucher, but to save time on the airfield, it is best if the passenger arranges their flight time before turning up at the club. Although we fly from Ararat Airport most weekends of the year, we do attend gliding events, (typically 6-8 times per year), so please contact us for more detailed arrangements.

Passenger Suitability

Although we will always do everything we can to make gliding accessible to as many people as possible, there are some limitations. This limitation is normally aircraft dependant, but generally we cannot take people over 120kg due to the balance of the aircraft. Height can be an issue, but we normally cater for most tall people (although there have been exceptions).

Children are again limited by weight – minimum weight this time. They can be seated in the back to overcome the weight balance problem. Seating in the back is not recommended for younger children (e.g. less than 8 years), particularly because visibility is restricted in the back. As a guide, children above 8 years may be able to fly in a glider, but please check with us first.

Elderly people always seem to emerge from a gliding flight 30 years younger. We particularly enjoy taking ex-pilots for a fly and letting them take the controls again (let us do the landing though8). Of course, you need to be able to get into and out of the glider, but we can go over this with you before the flight.

Disabled people can be flown and depending on the disability should be able to use some or all of the main controls. Contact us for more information. Also note that there are pilots with disabilities regularly flying in gliders and competitions.

Pregnant women may be more susceptible to motion sickness and it is advisable they wait until after the birth before flying.