About our Club

We are a not-for-profit gliding club operating out of Ararat Aerodrome in Victoria, offering an IDEAL base for gliding in general.

We are nestled between the Grampians National Park and the Pyrenees Ranges, offering spectacular scenery and superb soaring conditions throughout the year. To the north are the flatlands, allowing excellent cross country flying in the summer months. There are many mountains and ridges in the local area, providing good ridge soaring for all wind directions (e.g. Mount William, Ben Nevis, Langi Ghiran). In the winter months, there is often superb lee wave generated from the Grampians Mountains . We are fortunately situated to also have airspace available up to 24,500 ft above the airfield and to the west and we also have an agreement with Air Services to allow flights well into Class A airspace within the Grampians Wave region.

We have excellent instructors, tug pilots and coaches, who all volunteer their time for the pure enjoyment of flying, meaning the Grampians Soaring Club is possibly the most affordable (and enjoyable) ways to learn to fly. Our flying fees are lower than most other gliding clubs, and we typically have only one or two pilots training at any time. Weather permitting, instruction is available every weekend at Ararat or at one of our various club camps, all year round. 

Gift vouchers are available and can make a fantastic present that will always be remembered. You don’t need any flying experience to be a passenger in our gliders, but we also welcome experienced pilots (RAA, PPL, CPL etc) looking to try powerless flight. 

Visitors always welcome.

Club Fees and Charges

Club membership costs

  • Adult flying membership – $220
  • Student flying membership (16 years plus) – $60
  • Junior flying membership (under 16 years) – $30
  • Family flying membership (2 adults + kids) – $400
  • Associate membership – $30


  • Apart from the Janus C and the DG 101, both other club gliders are charged at the rate of 65 cents/minute.
  • The Janus C and DG 101 are charged at the rate of 80 cents/minute.
  • There is no charge for instruction.
  • There is a maximum charge of 3 hours for any one flight. This corresponds to $144 for the Janus C and DG 101, for any flight longer than 3 hours, and $117 for the other club gliders for a flight longer than 3 hours (excluding launch fees).
  • Any Solo flying time conducted before noon is free (excluding launch fees).
  • Oxygen is available for club members intending to fly above 10,000′, using one of the Club’s Mountain High oxygen systems. However, the Pilot in Command is responsible for ensuring the Oxygen cylinder is fully charged, and is correctly secured in the aircraft. The PIC must also be signed off in the use and application of an oxygen system.


Launching may be by winch or aerotow:

  • Winch launch charge is $15.00 per launch.
  • Aerotow charge is $7.00 per minute.