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Experience the joy of gliding.

Air Experience Flights

Air Experience Flights (AEFs) are a great opportunity to experience the sensation of powerless flight. And, with some brief in-flight instruction, you are invited to take the opportunity to control the aircraft.

Our most popular air experience flights last between 20 and 30 minutes depending on which tow option is purchased. Many of our AEF passengers are thrilled after their first flight. Flying in a glider certainly does provide a level of excitement.

Your instructing pilot can make the flight as gentle or as high g-force as you wish. But under rough weather conditions, a high g-force experience is not always possible. So, if you have a particular request, or if you are driving some distance, please call ahead to make sure the weather will be suitable for the type of flight you wish to experience.

Some of our instructors can perform aerobatics, though this is at additional cost. If you wish to include aerobatics in your flight you need to inform your pilot of this requirement before take-off (it does reduce the overall flight time, but if you are looking for that extra thrill, it is well worth it!).

Ararat Airfield Gift Vouchers

There are now three types of Gift Voucher for flights originating at the Ararat Airfield.

Standard AEF Gift Voucher – $ 195.00 Buy Now
This option is a flight going up about 1,000 metres (3,000′) with the opportunity to look around parts of Ararat and perhaps the One Tree Hill range. The flight normally lasts around 20 minutes.

Excitement Plus AEF Gift Voucher – $ 295.00 Buy Now
This is our most popular voucher. The flight starts with a tow up to around 1,300 metres (4,000′) which offers the opportunity for an extended flight and could allow a closer approach to the Grampians. The flight lasts about 25-30 minutes. The cost is $295. The “Excitement Plus” aspect of this second option allows you to choose either the extended flight, or you can opt for an aerobatic flight. An aerobatic flight shortens the overall flight time, but will include a number of aerobatic manoeuvres, including loops. If you wish to take up the aerobatic option, you need to discuss this with the Pilot / Instructor, before take-off.

Mile High AEF Gift Voucher – $ 495.00 Buy Now
This is a flight to 1,610 metres (5,300′). It is intended to be a more scenic flight, as it allows more time to glide back to earth. Depending on the prevailing wind, this flight will provide opportunity to fly closer to the Grampians, and is expected to provide around 45 minutes of flight time. The cost is $495. Just like in the “Excitement Plus” option, aerobatics are also an option in this flight.

Please note that all of our vouchers don’t have an expiry date and are non refundable.